Fall League #1                  September 19th                  1pm 
Fall League #2                  October 3rd                       1pm 
Fall league #3                   October 17th                     1pm

Summer League # 1          June 13th                           5pm 
Summer League #2           July 3rd                             5pm 
Summer League #3           July 11th                            5pm​

2020 EASY Kart Leagues

Summer League #1          July 25th                            5pm 
Summer league #2          August 22nd                      5pm 
Summer League #3          September 5th                   5pm​

2020 Easy Kart Leagues are now available at NYRC for Spring, Summer and Fall 


No Kart ... No Problem! 

NYRC offers an in-house kart racing league where we provide all the gear and the karts.

Driver may utilize their own safety equipment if specifications are meet.

Adult karts are available for drivers over 16 years of age and 4'6' or taller

League participants need to be a NYRC Member. All details to becoming a member

are available in the attached link.   BECOME A MEMBER HERE

Each league will consist of three races held over three separate days. Races will be scored and points will be counted towards a three race championship. Awards will be given to the podium drivers of each race day. Championship results will be displayed on our site weekly.

Lightweight Division: Driver must weigh 149 pounds or under
Heavyweight Division: Driver must weigh 150 pounds or over

15 Minute Practice Session
15 Minute Qualifier (Determines Grid)
10 Minute + 2 Lap Final Race (Determines Podium Position)

Per race pre-registration. Reserve your kart now......................$65.00
$70/per race on site registration  

​​Please call or email us for any information. 


Tel: 732-850-1893