Want to race? Want track time? Want to compete for a championship?

Just complete our Easkart driving school and we can offer you our 9HP karts in a few different ways. Our leagues will be racing from the spring thru the summer to the fall. Compete in one or all four leagues we have running in 2020. With a total of twelve events its a great way to get racing without the investment of buying a kart.

Not into competition but want to test yourself against the clock or your friends? Being a member gives you the option to rent the track for 10 minute sessions or for a whole afternoon, your choice. Utilizing our 9hp karts will again give you the opportunity to get on track without the expense of owning.

Completion of the training course will also give you the option to utilize a full blown competition kart thru one of our vendors or shops. Of course with many different configurations in the competition kart arena pricing and availability will vary. Please call 732-850-1893 for all details. 

Ten Minute Track Rental plus Kart are $20.00 ........... Members ONLY

One Hour Track Rental plus Kart are $90.00..............Members ONLY


‚ÄčKarts are available during all open competition practices........

NYRC EasyKart Members